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Coming in Out of the Rain
Outstanding Speakers for Your Next Event
- A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!
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June - Featured Article
Coming in Out of the Rain

denise1.jpgBy Denise A. Harrison

Denise Harrison looks at global low cost competition and cites a current example of how a low cost Chinese company forced Stag, an umbrella manufacturer, in to reassess its strategy. When faced with the challenge, Stag first tried lowering prices and discovered how profits can disappear during a price war. Next, they chose to focus on producing quality umbrellas and then use market analysis to decide how they could differentiate their product from the competition. They did this by embracing technology and targeting niche markets.

June - Strategy Speakers
Outstanding Speakers for Your Next Event

Results-oriented presentations on strategy topics by entertaining executives who have real world experience in addressing the business challenges of your audience.

A sure hit for your company or association meeting.

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June - Simplified Strategic Planning Book
- A No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!

Robert W. Bradford
J. Peter Duncan
with Brian Tarcy

"Robert Bradford and Peter Duncan have written a breakthrough book on strategy."
- Noel Tichy, Professor - University of Michigan

Drawing on their wide-ranging experience and proven methodology, they have guided hundreds of companies to success. Both teach the highly acclaimed Simplified Strategic Planning seminar in major cities across the U.S.

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June - Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers
This column is intended to answer common questions related to strategic planning and strategy in general. In each issue we will answer questions posed by seminar attendees, our clients and our readers. Please send your questions to Elizabeth Tidd, E-mail: ~ Mail: CSSP, Inc. P.O. Box 851 Ann Arbor, Michigan 06890-0851 ~ Fax: 203-255-9191.

In the Market Segment analysis, what is the difference between a need and a preference?

Can or should we alternate members on the Planning Team from year to year?

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June - Strategic Planning Resources
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Frequently asked questions about strategic planning
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